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  • cheap in high quality Baseball & Trucker Caps TFxt75gw - Vintage 90's John Stuckey Ford Dealership Cars Trucks

cheap in high quality Baseball & Trucker Caps TFxt75gw - Vintage 90's John Stuckey Ford Dealership Cars Trucks


$63.33  $38.00

Description:Baseball & Trucker Caps

  • Nice 90s hat! Size: Adjustable Description: Great Vintage Condition! Flaws: None! C H E A P * C H E A P Aight yall, heres the deal. Youve now entered the Cheap Cheap Section. Heres how it works: I have a ton of hats. I have so many hats that sometimes I just have to get rid of them. Thats where you come in. Cheap Cheap is your one-stop source for super affordable trucker hats. When I need to make some room, Ill toss some hats in Cheap Cheap. They will then be sold to you, my fellow hat lovers. Pretty simple! Keep checking back, I will be adding new ones in here all the time. PRO TIP: Toss one of these bad boys in the cart if youre buying another hat. The shipping is only a dollar as a secondary item! ------ The Cheap Cheap Guarantee: These hats are no different than the other hats in this store. There will be no gross crumbly foam, no broken parts. No hat in this section will ever exceed $5 in price. There may be stains, but that is just the nature of old hats. Sometimes they have stains. What you see is what you get, no returns here. *GENERAL NOTES* Please make sure that your shipping address is correct before you place your order, if you send an updated address via message after ordering I may forget to update it, it has happened before. Double check before you click buy! UK/EUROPE BUYERS: There can be an import tax imposed on your item as it enters the country that must be paid before you can receive it. If your item has not arrived for a while, please check your tracking number and inquire at your local post office. If it has been returned to me because of unpaid import fees, I will ship it back to you for the cost of shipping, or I will give you a refund. With hats especially, there may be small flaws from light use that are not mentioned in the listing. If you want a more thorough inspection report, please ask! Most hats have not been washed by me, machine washing hats can severely damage them and hand washing is too time consuming for the volume of hats that I sell. I do not clean hats because you may have a specific way of washing you prefer, youre allergic to conventional soap, etc. 99% of the time the hats have been sitting in a closet or garage for years and are perfectly clean. If you would like your hat to be cleaned it is up to you. I apologize in advance if your item is dusty, I share space with a wood shop so occasionally items will arrive with a little stray sawdust. Itll brush right off! If you have larger than usual head, please check in with me to make sure your hat will fit. Most of these hats say “one size fits all”, but frequently the sizes max out at around a 7 ¾ – 8 hat size. If this item is clothing, please refer to the provided measurements when deciding whether to purchase it. Vintage sizes vary widely, so the tagged size is often inaccurate compared to modern sizing. I recommend measuring a garment that you like the fit of, and comparing those numbers to the ones listed above. I do not dry clean wool or vintage items before shipping. If your item is wool, I would always recommend dry cleaning for proper upkeep of your wool garments, especially when vintage. Vintage items are old, which means that they will have more signs of age such as yellowing, fading, ink cracking, loose buttons, etc. This is part of buying old clothes. If you do not want this, do not buy vintage clothing. Returns are almost always accepted, return shipping will be payed buy the buyer. Please refer to my Policies for more information. shop/BaltoVintage/policy If you have any questions or requests about your purchase, vintage stuff in general, life, etc, please reach out, I love talking to new people! Buying multiple items is encouraged, if you are buying more than three items feel free to contact me for a more accurate shipping price, the etsy shipping calculator can get a little out of control. Items will be shipped within three days of you purchasing your item. If you need it especially fast feel free to contact me, but keep in mind that I have a full time job and my stock is stored a half an hour away from my house, so I may not be able to accommodate all requests. For lots of other great vintage stuff, visit my shop: shop/BaltoVintage Follow me: Facebook: www.facebook.com/baltovintage Instagram: www.instagram.com/baltovintage Twitter: @baltovintage
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  • cheap in high quality Baseball & Trucker Caps TFxt75gw - Vintage 90's John Stuckey Ford Dealership Cars Trucks

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